Business Support

Our team of credentialed professional accountants and business specialists are available to augment your staff for various high-level functions which you may not always have in-house. Our business support offering includes full spectrum services and accounting solutions including:

  • Project & contract management ― we bring to the table a wealth of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to enhance and improve program / project performance. Our methodologies are based on best practices, and insightful financial analyses to ensure the successful implementation of your project.
  • Bid evaluation & adjudication ― the Tender system is a big part of the South African business landscape ensuring fair allocation of work to the best suited bidder. At Tenox, we can help Public entities and corporate clients with the selection process whilst maintaining objectivity and impartiality which at times can only be achieved by an external body.
  • Compliance & governance: good corporate governance is a cornerstone for a healthy organisation, setting the tone on the company’s internal and external interactions. We will assist your company to put in place the relevant compliance framework based on King III and King IV principles. The framework will encompass:
    • oversight of the company’s performance in the context of the company’s strategic goals and objectives
    • the relationship of the Board with the MD.
    • appointment and performance evaluation of directors.
    • board membership, conduct, operations and performance.
    • the code of ethics for the organisation.
    • oversight of corporate compliance, risk management and internal controls.
    • reporting and communication between management and the Board
    • shareholder and stakeholder communications
    • separation of duties and responsibilities between the Board and management.
    • integrity of internal and external financial reporting.
  • Financial planning and analysis ― our professionals can assist with budgeting and forecasting. Additionally, we can perform an oversight of all internal controls

Tenox – helping you get a grip on the financial performance of your business through expert professional accounting services.

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“Thami has displayed professional excellence at all times, no wonder Tenox Consulting continues to make significant strides in business.”

Ms J Irish
Administrator, SASSETA